Sunday, January 2, 2011

Asthma prevalence and statistics

While preparing for a lecture on asthma to primary care physicians, I had to update my slides.  There are many different statistics on all sorts of facets of asthma.  Here are links to some I found interesting: 
1. Asthma Prevalence, Health Care Use and Mortality: United States, 2003-05 by Akinbami.  Go down to the charts at the bottom.  Children have far more at risk and likelihood of diagnosis 8.9% versus adults 7.2%.
2. AAAAI list of statistics.  Nice assortment.
3. Prevalence of asthma by state.  SC was ranked 48th for all ages in 2004 at 6.6%.  Seems very low to me.  Range 4.2%-10.6%
4. CDC surveillance data reported in 2006 for adults >18 years old having been told they have asthma = 7.7%. Moving up to table 54, Greenville County has an obesity rate of 24.0%, which is well below most of the state.  So, on this note, I'll end with my refrain of (low salt, low fat, vegetable) diet and (aerobic) exercise.
5. The latest CDC data on asthma prevalence in 2008.  (There's always a 2-year lag in data due to collection and analysis.) Children 9.4%, adults 7.3%, females 8.5%, males 7.1%, white 7.8%, black 10.3%, hispanic 5.8%.

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