Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project Rx: Drop off your unwanted medications for proper disposal

Every year, countless medications are disposed of by flushing them down the toilet. This contaminates our water supply. Project Rx was at Greenville Tech, collecting unwanted and expired meds this Saturday. So was I with the minivan's cabin and seats full of medications.  There will be another opportunity in the future.  Please take your medications as prescribed and if unused or unwanted or expired, then dispose of those medications through proper waste management.


NYCmoldRemoval said...

You have a point there I am sure.But cleaning the toilet also means using the necessary chemical laden cleaners isn't it?How can one afford to keep them unattended and invite bad health?
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Kim said...

We must protect our health and the best way is to check the products that are due, but we need some analgesics like Hydrocodone, vicodin, norco, we have the option to buy online without a prescription to help us save our pockets, but should be in safe places.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

This is a very important aspect that we often neglect.the disposal of medication with so many drugs should be done in the proper manner.
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Neil Kao said...

It can annoying that we have to use time, money, and resources to properly dispose of our waste. We all have to be realistic and remember that we use and change the environment, so we must take care it also.

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