Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's time to get your annual influenza vaccination!

Step right up and get it.  See one, feel one, volunteer some one else to share the pain!  Why suffer alone?


Firefighting Guy said...

Hi! Thanks for the reminder! Something I found out that I would like to pass on - If your due for a regular doctors exam schedule your flu shot at the same time, depending on insurance a person may only have to pay the co-pay and the flu vaccine will be included in the entire visit's bill. I used to go to a drugstore to get my flu shot, but the savings are better if you can combine a doctor appointment with your flu shot I think :) Anyway thanks for your website and the great information!
-The Firefighting Guy

Neil Kao said...

You are entirely correct. Thank you for your comment and for reading this blog!
Readers, know your benefits! If unsure, call your insurer.

NYCmoldRemoval said...

This vaccine sure does help in keeping away from flu to a lot of extent.But taking it every year do you think it makes the body immune to it?
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

Do you think that it should be taken regularly year after year?Does it also help the children stay away from flu?
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