Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revised food familes

This is a temporary notice that I have revised and vastly improved the post "Food families."  (I'm pleased to say that you can;t find this list anywhere else on the internet, that I've looked, which is why I spent so much time making it.)

Interesting factoid questions:
1.  What is the most commonly eaten fruit in the world?
2.  Is a tomato a fruit, nut, or vegetable?

More questions from some of my patients...

3.  Which fruit is used to give gin its distinctive flavor?
4.  Which vegetable is named after a part of male anatomy?
5.  Which fruit has the seeds on the outside, not the inside?
6.  What is called "food of the gods?"
7.  Which vegetables are never frozen nor canned?

Want more questions?  Go to this trivia site.

1.  Mangoes are by far the most commonly eaten fruit in the world.  They are eaten three times more than the number two fruit, bananas, and ten times more than the number three fruit, apples.
2. Tomatoes are actually a fruit.  However based on a 1897 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, tomatoes were classified as a vegetable, based on usage at meals.
3.  Juniper berry.
4.  Avocado is derived from the word for testicle, due to it's similar appearance.
5.  Strawberry.
6.  Cocao (source for cocoa and coffee).
7.  Lettuce or cucumber.

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Neil Kao said...

When came across both of these factoids, I was surprised, and I wanted to share these.

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