Sunday, January 31, 2010

Allergy Report for February 2010

Here's your faithful reporter trying to get the ice and snow off of my car at home.  For those readers not familiar with South Carolina's weather, usually it snows once every two years, since I came here in 2000.  I took a drive to check on the office.  Roads weren't too bad really.  Just follow rule one of driving in snow:  Go slowly.

Actually most will probably be melted by Monday.  Typically February gets warmer.  Since we've had rain, I expect the trees will be ready to start growing again, depending on one factor alone: temperature.  If we have a warm February-March, then the allergy season will be average to above average.  The allergens will be tree pollen and mold spores.  Most problems I am seeing now are more likely caused by dust mites, animal danders, and perhaps molds from indoor wet areas.  We'll see what happens to the tree pollen counts.  It's spring time, okay, early spring time.

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