Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Technical Questions about Immunotherapy

1. How many shots does it take to get to the top, maintenance dose?  a) Normally 32 for fire ant and regular aeroallergen immunotherapy.  If you come twice per week without fail, then you would be "at maintenance" in 16 weeks, or about 4 months.  I usually tell people to plan on 5 months, because in reality, these events happen: I forgot, I'm too busy, the weather is bad, I need to save some money, I am feeling good right now, it's a public holiday so the office is closed, I can't get time off today. b) For stinging insects, except fire ants, a total of 16 shots, one shot per week, are needed to get to "maintenance dose" of 1.0 microgram.
2. a) For aeroallergen immunotherapy, the frequency is decreased after considering the symptoms, physicial exam, medication use, season, and length of time after starting imunotherapy.  b) For stinging insects, the routine schedule decreases the frequency to once per month unless there is a reason not to do so.

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