Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can Cataracts be reduced by N-acetyl-carnosine Eyedrops?

Some members of my family asked me about this.  I knew they had cataracts and that in time they would probably have the cataracts removed.  Here are my results:
1) I checked PubMed, the National Library of Medicine. There were 32 citations, which is very very few, published studies, many by the same Russian researcher, Mark Babizhayev, Ph.D.  He also sells it as a product on the internet. Relatively few studies were published in top-of-the-line medical journals.
2) There are many products sold OTC on the internet. Mostly nutritionists advertise its benefits and sell it. Some reference the studies of Dr. Babizhayev.  The cost is about $25 for 10ml and on up.
3) Ophthalmology (M.D.) doctors do not have much to say.  Those who write are not impressed. Here's a statement from the Britain's Royal College of Ophthalmology (go to the bottom).  There was insufficient evidence to recommend it. 
4) Chakshu Research is a company located in Los Gatos, CA, that is studying N-acetylcarnosine eyedrops.  The company's product is called C-Kad. It is in phase 2 drug trials.
5) N-acetyl-carnosine does not appear to be harmful to humans.
6) Finally Wikipedia has a summary of N-acetyl-carnosine, which I think is neutral.

Would the "Allergy Dude" recommend this?  No, not until it is approved by the FDA and it has large, well-controlled studies to document its safety and effiicacy.

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