Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cawthorne's Head Exercises for Dizziness

Dizziness is actually one of the commonest reasons to visit a doctor. Dizziness can be maddening and incapacitating, and yet thankfully not fatal. I've had to deal with my mother-in-laws episodes of dizziness for at least 10 years.  She's had to sit down in Walmart on the floor at the checkout line for 15 minutes, while we waited for the spell to pass.  Oh yes and get out of the way.  Because I couldn't do much to help her, I called it: idiopathic, chronic, recurrent, relapsing vertigo. The name sounds very scientific, yes? Let's interpret medicalese. Idiopathic means we can't find the cause. Chronic means the disease or symptoms have occurred usually for over 3 months. Recurrent means the disease or symptoms keep coming back. Relapsing means the disease or symptoms come back after periods of wellness with worsening. I am not writing as an expert on vertigo, a.k.a. dizziness. Dizziness is a vague term and it's not medicalese, so I won't use it. Therapeutically, an English ear-nose-throat physician specialist, named Cawthorne, came up with exercises to ease vertigo. I've tried them myself and they seem to help. When I test myself by spinning, I seem to tolerate more spinning with less vertigo after using the exercises. So there's my personal testimonial. By the way, I can't say about my mother-in-law, she won't do the exercises. Here are 2 links to websites that have already written out the levels of exercise. The first link has a shorter description. The second link has a longer description.  The key is persistence - daily, monotonous practice. Just do it!
Your less-vertiginous Allergy Dude

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