Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Dietary Recommendations I

I just saw a 6-year-old boy who weighs 169 pounds, height 4'7".  He is technically obese or greater than 30% over his ideal body mass.  Since his asthma was stable, I recommended he begin the next phase of his asthma rehabilitation: both lose weight and more exercise.  Most asthma specialists do not think this is part of their responsibilites, but I do.  His mom and I discussed his diet.  It turns out that he did drink whole milk along with lots of pop.  My first order to cease and desist drinking all pop, juices, and any milk that was not labelled as skim.  She asked me what the difference is milk was.  Good question.  First, again, no milk for him unless it is labelled skim, and then read this article on wikipedia about the fat content of milk.  Basically: skim = 0-0.5% fat; about 1% = low fat; about 2% = reduced fat; 3.25% = whole milk; by-the-way 10.5-18% = half (milk) and half(cream); and 80% = butter.

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