Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your "Allergy Dude" wishes you a safe, healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!!  I am going to relax at home all weekend (read: no shopping).  I have a well earned rest, after I shopped for and prepared my family's meal.  We ate a healthy meal.  Then the next day, I joined a few other people at the YMCA to workout.  Be well.


Peter said...

Hi Neil!
I'm a medic living in Sweden... but now I'm writing to you as a colleague.... and as a patient!
I got vaccinated against the 'swine flu' some weeks ago, and now, everytime I eat egg-based dishes, I get severe pain in my joints...... do you think there is a possibility for 'reverse immunization', and thus provoking allergy as such? Theoretically?

Best wishes!


Neil Kao said...

I can't explain your reaction. I have not encountered a reaction like yours, where vaccination induces a future allergic response, in this case to egg. Got to be very annoying. The amount of uncooked egg protein in the dishes has got to be pretty small. The only test I can think of is a prick test for egg white to see if you have IgE allergy antibodies against egg.

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