Saturday, October 10, 2009

Health Care Reform 3: More Common Goals

1. The U.S. government should not be in the business of providing health care, but it should be in the business of providing oversight and adherence to agreed upon standards.
2. Every insurance provider, including the U.S. government via Medicare and Medicaid currently, should be checking harder for waste and theft.
3. America should provide health care for the truly poor and disabled, but they should all be U.S. citizens, who obey U.S. laws and support our system. Those who live in the U.S. and get all of the benefits of living in our country without paying the price should not get the same benefits.
4. Interstate competition between insurance companies should be allowed and regulated. The premiums vary greatly between even neighboring states for no discernible reason.
5. Tort reform for malpractice laws and awards needs to occur. On one side, doctors perform defensive medicine, for fear of lawsuits. I myself do this when some patients demand them. This may be okay, but usually these are patients who will never see either any or just a tiny fraction of the medical bill. On the other side, I have long advocated that doctors need to oversee themselves much more firmly.
6. I like Health Savings Accounts. This opens your eyes up as to the true cost of your care. Right now, people can close their eyes. Whether they like or it not, 99% not, insurance companies are making their traditional insurances into HSA's but not calling them this. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. How? Raise the deductibles, the co-pays for visits and medications.
7. Every government employee should have the same health care as regular U.S. citizens. This would change their outlook considerably. Why should they be treated differently?

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