Friday, October 9, 2009

Does Sinol-M Really Work?

A patient asked me about "Sinol-M" today. I had never heard of it, which means zip. Okay, found the Sinol-M website quickly. Key words I elicited from the material: homeopathic, capsaicin-based nasal spray (Sinol), M comes from a mucoadhesive molecule they call MucoAd (hypromellose).
What do I think? The key word is homeopathic, which means an infinitely small amount of the active ingredient is used. What is the rest? Inactive ingredients: likely MucoAd + water + preservatives, although the website does not specifically list them. For testimonial: they cite 1 abstract from a poster presentation, at a bon a fide allergy meeting. No papers from a peer-reviewed journal. There is minimal, objective evidence of safety and efficacy. The "Allergy Dude" can not recommend this product.


Alyson Pisani said...

Hi Allergy Dude,

I went on the Sinol website and saw the doctors who were involved with the trial. Do you know who Michael Kaliner, MD is? Google him, I believe he may be one of the top Allergists in the US. He was the President of the World Allergy Organization, President of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, Director at the National Institute of Health for Allergic Diseases. Seems like a pretty good trial to me.

Alyson Pisani said...

Also, look at the webinar peformed by William Storms, MD on the site under healthcare professionals. This MD is also a key opinion leader in your field. I believe in your neck of the woods The Charlotte Eye Ear & Throat Clinic, which has 12 locations, is utilizing Sinol for their patients. Hunter Hoover, MD recommends Sinol and has been speaking about it in his lectures.
Capsaicin is an extremely potent ingredient, only extremely small amounts need to be used to be effective. Hope this helps you Doc!!

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