Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Will Exercise Help You Lose Fat?

A patient brought me a copy of Time magazine and asked me if I agreed with an article on exercise. The article was written by John Cloud in the 8/9/09 issue of Time magazine. Basically, he cited a researcher and one published study to support his argument that exercise is not an important part of trying to lose weight. I disagree with this, which is based on my personal experience, professional experience, and my knowledge of the medical literature. Cloud does write two important facts which I agree with: most people burn calories much more slowly than they think; and that exercise many people increase the number of calories that they eat which negates to calorie burning effects of exercise. So I take this into account.

Conclusion: Exercise is good for your health in every respect. Exercise can help you lose weight and live longer. Keep in mind that people burn calories very slowly, so a lot of exercise is needed to reduce weight over a long period of time. Weight loss should always involve reducing the number of calories eaten. This is the major reason most people don't lose weight. I urge all of my patients to exercise regularly. Speak with your primary care physician if you need a general physical first.

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