Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drug Sales 2009 update

I speak with 3-8 pharmaceutical sales reps every workday, five days per week. I get varying opinions on the sales of their drugs. Either it's going well but they need my help in reaching the corporate office's barely attainable goals or things are rough out there but with my support they'll just maintain their market share. There are other variants. I don't begrudge them their job. Almost every country has drug reps, so it's hardly an American phenomena.

What are the latest figures?
In the U.S. sales for 2008: Advair $3.57 billion (4th), Singulair $2.90 billion (7th), Levaquan $1.4 billion (20th), Spiriva $1.1 billion (32nd), Nasonex $0.90 billion (42nd), Pulmicort Respules $0.65 billion (55th), Combivent $0.56 billion (65th), Flovent HFA $0.55 billion (67th), Proair HFA $0.53 billion (72nd), Avelox $0.43 billion (90th) out of the top 100. One step down in rank for both Advair and Singulair. These are not worldwide sales figures.

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