Friday, December 26, 2008

Allergic Rhinitis Lecture Followup

I am happy to announce that I have found a way to present my lecture on Allergic Rhinitis on the web. I searched the internet and I found two sites: SlideShare and authorSTREAM. I have selected the former. The maximum size of the files that can be uploaded is 100MB and 30MB respectively. authorSTREAM has beta on its logo. There may be other sites. I don't know how long these websites have been in existence, but there are some great things on the web!!

I'd like to acknowledge the websites whom I used their photos and slides.


Dinesh said...

I'm a authorSTREAM user and would like to let you know that
authorSTREAM supports files of size upto 1 GB besides handling narrated ,embbeded audio and animations. authorSTREAM also offers Present Live to discuss you presentation Live with your audience.

Neil Kao said...

Thank you for pointing that out! You heard it from Dinesh. I'm certainly no expert. authorSTREAM sounds pretty good too. Please consider at least these two before making your choice. Kao

Ann said...

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