Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Evaluation of NasalGuard Allergen Gel

Here's my evaluation of a product called NasalGuard Allergen Gel. Its advertisement states that "NasalGuard is a patented, water-based gel which filters airborne particles that traditionally enter the nasal passages. Irritants such as dust mite allergen, pet dander and mold spore are major causes of sneezing, stuffy noses and more severe allergic reactions. NasalGuard is an electrostatically charged gel that literally acts like a magnet snagging harmful particles before they are inhaled into the nasal passages." This sounds like Chloraseptic Allergen Block, which evaluated here. I undestand how this product so supposed to work. Its been available since about Novemeber 2005. However, there are no published clinical trials that I can find and analyze. So, I can not endorse this product either.


Stef said...

hello doc, do you have a nasal gel that blocks allergens' contact with the skin of the nose that you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kao, the Chlorospetic Allergy Block is the same product. The engineer sold it to them several years ago. I can help if you are able to smear enough product on your nostrils, but the newer product has been reduced in quantity and greatly increased price. Better to get and wear the Breathepure foam nose filters.
Thanks, Norb

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