Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photos of medications for allergic rhinitis

[Photos courtesy of the P.D.R.] Some times people can become tolerant to the beneficial effects of medications. The reason for this is not known, but it is commonly observed. Clinically we simply switch medications. These pictures represent >95% of prescription medications available for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, excluding the older and sedating anithistamines. NO PROMISES on whether or not your insurance formulary will cover the other medications or have higher copay or need a prior authorization. Nasalcrom is available over-the-counter. This is very safe and it's reasonable to try this if you are sure the diagnosis is allergic rhinitis prior to seeing the doctor to get prescription medications. Flunisolide is the generic of Nasarel. Beconase AQ is an older corticosteroid also. They are listed on some insurance drug formularies as the generic tier 1 option. Other times they are listed as tier 2. There is no discernable pattern in my opinion. Whether or not they can be obtained from pharmacies is an issue.

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