Monday, December 31, 2012

Drug Update: New Medications 2012

1.             ProAir HFA will begin to become available with a counter for the number of doses of albuterol remaining located in the actuator during January of 2013.
2.             I have had an opportunity to try Dymysta.  I found it effective and to not having the burning postnasal drip I experienced with Astelin.
3.             Combivent Respimat will replace Combivent inhalers.  The new device does not use a propellent.
4.             Sanofi will launch a new product named Auvi-Q for delivering epinephrine subcutaneously for anaphylaxis.  This has a recording to guide its use which will be activated when the cover is removed.  The cost has not been announced yet.  Insurance coverage during the first year will not likely be good.  For comparison, Epi-pen 2-pack retails for $309 at CVS, when I checked last week.  My inspection showed a well designed product.
5.             Consumers may have noticed when they go to pick up Singulair at the drug store or receive mail order, they are given its generic montelukast.
6.             Gastrocrom is an oral preparation of cromolyn sodium and is indicated for mastocytosis.   This is a disease where mast cells release histamine in potentially fatal amounts.  The cost for a group of 96 unit dose ampules ranges from $459-1,000. I did not know the cost previously.
7.      Aerospan is flunisolide HFA 80 mcg and indicated for "maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in adult and pediatric patients 6 years of age and older".  This Forest Pharmaceutical product was approved 1/26/06 by the FDA.  The label change was approved on 11/16/12.  No word currently from the new owner Action Pharmaceuticals.
8.     Tudorza is an orally inhaled dry powder of aclidinium which was approved by the FDA on 7/23/2012.  Aclidinium inhibits the M3 receptor so it is classified as an antimuscarinic, which are in turn grouped as anticholinergic.  This compound produces long-acting bronchodilation in patients with COPD.  Tudorza has not been launched yet.
9.     Generic Clarinex (desloratadine) was approved during the summer.  I just got confirmation from some patients that this given to them for refills, not the name brand.  Even recently, insurance companies have been pushing back to have the patient switched to a generic medication.  Note this means that there no oral name-brand only antihistamines available by either OTC or prescription now.
10.    Flucelvax is the first vaccine approved that uses a mammalian cell line not chicken eggs to grow the influenza virus.  Flucelvax was approved on 11/20/12 for both types A & B in patients >18 years old.

The Allergy Dude wishes you a Happy New Year!!


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Gary Puntman said...

My daughter has a lot of allergies. We have to be very careful about what we give her to eat. I'm so glad that there are these medications just in case something happens. I love how many new developments are always being made as well.
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Wally West said...

Our son recently participated in a scavenger hunt and was overcome with his asthma(almost had to go to the emergency room). It's always terrifying being a parent that has a child that is having trouble breathing and there is nothing you can do about it. It's a terrible feeling, being utterly helpless.

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Lacey Rockwell said...

I was born with asthma. As I got older, I noticed that I also had terrible seasonal allergies. Eventually, I went into the doctor, and I was told asthma has made my allergies worse. I totally agree with this article, because I am living proof. When my asthma acts up, my allergies do the same.

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I am allergic to latex. The resulting symptoms are similar to asthma. I have always wondered if I would be a great candidate for an Epi-pen?

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