Monday, May 28, 2012

Healthy Eating: 1. Definitions

The Allergy Dude has decided to write series of articles on healthy eating because the information available on the web is too scattered and variable, so he will select what he thinks is the most reliable and important information for his readers to help them understand his system for healthy eating.

1. Definitions
Please go to the following link for words defined in Connecticut's Action Guide for Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies. There are many lists on the web, but this list is the best one I could find, because it lists all of the terms that are important to my system.  Please read about: added sugars, artificial sweeteners, carbohydrates, chemically altered fat substitutes, cholesterol, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, enrichment, fiber, fortification, hydrogenated oils, monosaturated fats, natural cheese, nonnutritive sweeteners, partially hydrogenated oils, phytonutrients, polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats,

We can not have a meaningful discussion of my system without knowing these definitions.  They are very helpful for improving and maintaining your immunologic health.

2.The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not have a definition for a good or bad food.  On the other hand, it does have Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

3. In 1998, the U.S.D.A. defined antioxidants and named vitamins A, C, E, and the element selenium for further study.

The Allergy Dude will use these facts as the building blocks for more Healthy Eating in the next chapter.


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