Thursday, January 5, 2012

Drug Update: Patent expirations of Levaquin, Singulair, Avelox and Xyzal

Happy New Year to all of the Allergy Dude's readers!
Let's review 2011 first.  No branded products were removed from the market, which is good.  Due to an earlier decision by the F.D.A., generic combinations of antihistamines and decongestants will not be available by prescription in the U.S.  The Allergy Dude can not vouch for medications bought outside of the U.S. since there may be issues about "who is responsible quality control of the product?".
Two quiet changes are that first Levaquin's patent expired on 6/20/11.  This is now available as a generic.  Second, Avelox's patent expired on 12/18/11.  This is not available as a generic to my research as of today yet.  This may change.
A reminder that Xyzal has been available as a generic in the 5mg pill (only) since December of 2010.  So this left only Clarinex as the only branded antihistamine on the market.
A gigantic change is coming in 2012 because Singulair's final patent will be expiring on 8/3/12, as I outlined in an earlier post.  This is spell financial relief for many patients and their families.  Note there has been no discussion about Singulair going over-the-counter.
One final note, Xopenex will be a branded product until the last of its 5 patents expires in 8/13.
Have a good year!!!

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