Friday, September 2, 2011

Nasal endoscopy

The Allergy Dude may recommend nasal endoscopy for some patients to better examine the nasal cavity and throat.  Some times directly looking with the eye and a small magnifying glass is insufficient.  Having a brighter light that can be directed around corners is very useful.  The nasal endoscope is about the size of a small black spaghetti noodle.  About 10-15 minutes after an anesthetic and decongestant is sprayed into the nose (read Afrin + Lidocaine), the endoscope can be easily introduced into the noses of most people.  It's quite tolerable.  I should know.  I was the guinea pig for my allergy program that every one practiced on.  I even had to practice on myself.  The Allergy Dude has found two good videos on youtube that demonstrate nasal endoscopy 1, 2
(Endoscopes are very useful and come in larger sizes.  They may also be used to look inside of the stomach or into the colon.)  Endoscopes also allow us to look at the throat and vocal cords.  Hypothetically, you should have a nasopharyngeal endoscopy at least at the initial visit and at followup visits when needed.  Why are they done?  Patients refuse or the physicians do not think the detailed exam is indicated.  But keep this in mind if regular medical treatments fail to provide relief.

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