Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Sunscreen Labeling by the FDA

Because the Allergy Dude want his readers to practice excellent preventative care medicine, I have linked to three websites that provide useful information.  Each site makes good points.
Medscape FDA interview with Dr. Tan: the major points: new labeling is mandatory; and look for products that are broad spectrum, at least SPF 15, and consider water resistant.
FDA Sunscreen: lots of information, may be too much. The range of SPF will now be from 0-50 only.
American Academy of Dermatology Sunscreens: the major points: look for products that are broad spectrum, at least SPF 30 no matter what your skin type, water resistant, use enough volume to cover all exposed skin, and re-apply completely in two hours.
The Allergy Dude is very careful about direct sunlight exposure.  All of his readers should be careful also.

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