Sunday, September 19, 2010

USA Cycling Pro Championships Road Race in Greenville

In keeping with my theme of having a healthy lifestyle and getting aerobic exercise, I went to the USA Cycling Pro Championship Road Race today in downtown Greenville.  The course was 112 miles long.  Here I am right in front of the finish line.  The race ended with three 4.2 mile laps ending there, just over the Reedy River bridge.  Man, they were going fast, about 25 miles per hour on the regular streets.  They covered 1 mile in about 2 minutes + 30 seconds, overall.  On the flat areas, their rate more like 1 mile per 2 minutes.  I watched them from my vantage point for about 3 hours.  Could be the closest I ever get to seeing the Tour de France.  George Hincapie, a resident of Greenville, is pedaling past, on the left, wearing a red jersey, in the second picture.  The winners are on the podium.  I am motivated to move myself up and down the hallways even faster.  Congratulations to all, even who finished this hot day, from Your Allergy Dude.  Exercise!!

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