Thursday, July 22, 2010

What does the "Organic label" mean on foods?

I support having an organic diet, as many of my patients and coworkers know.  However, when I decided to learn the strict definition of "organic" food per the U.S. government, I went on another goose chase.  Here are the results.
A search will get you to this government page on "Organic Food."  The orginal bill was passed in 1990.  Go down to paragraph label "3." for the definition of organic.  I like it.  Unfortunately, it's always something.  There are FOUR different levels of organic foods and these may be reflected in the labels.  The gold standard, top level states "100% organic."  Look out for it, since use of the label is optional technically, although it wouldn't be clear to me why a manufacturer would go through all the trouble to produce 100% organic food and then not use the label.  I'm going to read my labels more thoroughly, especially my produce.
I hope you learned something too.
Your Allergy Dude.
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