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Update on Guaifenesin Products April 15, 2010

I am ready to enter the fray again and discussion guaifenesin products again.  My prior blog entry is here.  Why? Things have changed.  Here are my confusing points.
1) Only products containing pseudoephredrine are behind-the-counter, whom ever is the manufacturer. This includes Mucinex-D, but none of the other Mucinex products, which can be found on the regular shelves.
2)Guaifenesin comes in immediate release and long-acting products.  The latter are only Mucinex products, because essentially they have a monoploy.  Immediate release are available as generics and cost less than the Mucinex products, but you have to take more pills, more often.  Do the math.  Sometimes it's cheaper and more convenient to get the Mucinex.  The manufacturers of Mucinex know this. That's why they charge their current price.  What the market will bear.
3) Coupons for $2 off Mucinex are NOT available online.  Ask your doctor or at the pharmacy.
3) Mucinex has more options compared to 2008.
4) Mucinex Nasal spray contains oxymetazoline, which can cause rebound congestion called rhinitis medicamentosa.  I absolutely do NOT recommend this product or any other product that contains this compound.  As Jack Sparrow would say, "Savvy?"
D = decongestant (for nasal-sinus congestion); DM = dextromethorphan (cough suppressant); G = guaifenesin (thins nasal-sinus mucus). Usually I favor G + D, unless they can't tolerate the D, in either immediate-release or long-acting formulations.  * = sale price this week, shop around!

IngredientsTrade namePill Count per BoxCVS Cost ($)Walgreens ($)Walmart ($)BiLo ($)
GMucinex 600 mg tablet2012.4912.499.4810.79
GMucinex 1,200mg Max Strength1414.9914.9910.5411.87
G, DMMucinex DM 600/302014.9914.499.4811.87
G, DMMucinex DM 1200/60 Max Strength1415.4914.4910.5411.87
G, DMucinex-D 600/601814.9914.499.9212.37
G, DMucinex-D 1200/120 Max Strength 2426.2924.9922.4725.80.99

Mucinex Mini-Melts All formulations129.498.996.997.99
G, DM (100, 5)Mucinex Cough Mini-Melts in Orange Creme flavor

G (100mg)Mucinex Mini-Melts in Bubble Gum flavor

(50 mg)
Mucinex Mini-Melts in Grape flavor

G, D (100, 2.5)Mucinex Cold liquid in Mixed Berry flavor

G, DM (100, 5mg)Mucinex Cough liquid in Cherry flavor

(100 mg)
Mucinex liquid in Grape flavor

Here's my disclaimer: I don't own stock in Reckitt Benckiser Inc., the current owner of Mucinex products.  I'd like to thank Karen Penley for gathering the price data above, which is as of today.
The higher doses and larger number of pills per box is usually more economical.  Often when a patient's symptoms are poorly controlled, then I respond by stepping up with meds to regain control of symptoms, maintain this through the season or illness, and then I try to step down.  I strongly wish the Mini-Melts came in larger boxes.
Confused?  Don't worry, it's part of life.  At least your confusion will be based on more current information.
Your Allergy Dude

Addendum 4/17/10.  A mom pointed out to me, 2 days ago, that the Mini-Melts only have 6 days of medicine.  I agree that is aggravatingly little medicine.  I think there is a differential of higher cost for the powder form over liquid.  It is economics.  So I will adjust my recommendations for children, who can't swallow pills.  The liquid preparations are available in other products, generic store brands and name brands like the Robitussin line.  Check for the proper ingredients.

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