Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have an Anaphylaxis Allergy Action Plan

It is very important to have a written plan to help remind and guide your caregivers if an allergic or life-threatening anaphylactic reaction should occur.  There are many plans available online.  Most are from school districts.  Naturally much of the burden falls upon schools during the day time.  I have searched and reviewed a number of them.  I recommend either this personal anaphylaxis action plan or this "Food allergy action plan."  Most other plans are variations of these two forms.  I thank both organizations for making them available to the public.  Both forms make good points and have areas for improvements.  My personal preference is for the first form, because there are levels and it shows the steps for giving the epinephrine.  I don't like branding, but Twinject may not be available in Australia.  I may alter the forms in the future with my own "improvements."

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