Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Need Health Care Reform I


1. The U.S. currently spends 16% of its Gross Domestic Product on health care, which is estimated to be $2.4 trillion in 2007. This amount is growing each year.

2. The U.S. is the richest nation in the world and has been for many years.

3. In 2007, 47 million Americans were uninsured, often by choice. This number is rising each year.

4. Every one agrees that the rising costs of health care can not continue without seriously and adversely affecting both the economy and the quality of health care.

5. "Expert" policymakers and government officials can not agree on even any one step towards or goal in how to reform the system. No one can agree on anything. Hence our present situation: there is complete gridlock and the status quo continues.

6. Why? Because everything about providing health care is very complicated and hard to measure. It is hard: to define what is excellent health care; to provide this; to measure this; to pay for this.

7. In future blog articles, I will explain this in greater detail and provide some suggestions I have that will make a positive difference.

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