Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What about Medical bracelets?

1. What is a "medical bracelet? An item of jewelry to be worn, that has important medical information imprinted on it to help health care providers, in the event that the person becomes unconscious.
2. What information should be printed on the medical bracelet? Name, disease, phone number. Some of the diseases suggested include: allergies from drugs, food, or insect, Alzheimer's dementia, blood thinners or bleeding disorder, diabetes, epilepsy/seizures, heart disease, pacemaker, or other serious diseases.
3. Should I get one? Yes, if your medical disease is severe, or potentially life-threatening, or there is risk of unconsciousness.
4. Where can I buy a "medical bracelet"? There are lots of options available. I recommend searching on the internet and doing some comparison shopping and careful reading. You should be able to see and feel some in your local pharmacy.
5. How much should I spend? There are acceptable options available for about $20 on up, depending on your preferences. The variables include the type of material of which the bracelet is made and the type of bracelet (necklace, dog tag, wristband, ankle band).

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